Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Call Center Operations.
Chapter 2: Management, Business, and Marketing.
Chapter 3: Telecommunications and Network Facilities.
Chapter 4: Premise-Based Telephone Systems.
Chapter 5: Telecom Industry Perspective.
Chapter 6: Automatic and Predictive Dialing.
Chapter 7: Client/Server Technology.
Chapter 8: Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Legacy Hosts.
Chapter 9: Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS).
Chapter 10: Call Center Software Packages and Systems.
Chapter 11: Computer-Telephone Integration (CTI).
Chapter 12: Workload Management, Forecasting, and Staff Schedule Modeling.
Chapter 13: How Does Your Call Center Measure Up?
Chapter 14: Service Bureaus, Outsourcing, and Overflow.
Chapter 15: Reference Materials.

From the Back Cover

Call centers have revolutionized the way business gets done. This book dissects this explosively growing phenomenon, revealing new efficiency-boosting techniques, gainful technologies and applications, and profit-increasing management stratagems. 

Call Center Operations Profiting from Teleservices 

Charles E. Day, CMC 

In this expert guide, one of the leading computer-telecom integration (CTI) consultants in the United States shows you call center deployment and operation from the inside out. Exposing new uses, cost-cutting technologies, efficiency-boosting strategies, and assessment methods with superior accuracy, famed authority Charles E. Day makes it clear why call center operations increased by more than 700% between 1983 and 1997, and continue to grow. 

The heartbeats of many of today's businesses--serving functions as diverse as telemarketing, customer ordering and service, help desks, inside sales, reservations, and financial services by phone--call centers offer one of the best paradigms for coaxing every bit of efficiency-boosting power from new communications and computing technologies. 

In these pages, Charles E. Day, an expert who has helped hundreds of well-known businesses deploy and improve call centers, demonstrates how to maximize call center efficiency, yields, and cost savings in your business. Inside, you'll find page after page of ways to: 

Analyze the gains possible from call centers. Fill a variety of business needs with integrated telephone and computing technologies. Integrate telephone services and computing with efficient, effective technologies. Link databases, call handling, workstations, GUIs, legacy systems, software packages, and networks for a better bottom line. Explore practical, profitable applications of CTI in depth Test-run a call center with out-of-house resources. Get new ideas for call center uses from examples throughout the book. Expand your customer base and improve relationships with existing customers. Boost employee performance. Design a state-of-the-art call center that optimizes use of available resources and potential return. 

Packed with detailed strategies that translate technology into business solutions, this guide is clear enough for a novice to use. Charles E. Day's Call Center Operations is a resource likely to pay for itself by several orders of magnitude. 



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